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Lesson 1 - Solar PV Technology and Site Assessments

February 20 2021

Our solar PV design & installation courses are approved by NABCEP and CSA as qualified training for those looking to enter the solar energy industry. We cover NEC, Building Code, and Fire Code regulations for residential solar PV installation. As well our training is recognized by the state of Utah as qualified Continuing Education for electricians who need up to 24 CE hours. Our training is designed so anyone can attend, whether you’re looking to become a professional solar installer, electrician who wants to bolster their resume, homeowner who wants to do it themselves, or renewable energy enthusiast looking for more knowledge.

Course Overview

Lesson 1

Solar PV Technology and Site Assessments 

February 20th (9AM-3PM)

Lesson 2

Grid-Tie Solar PV System Design 

February 21st (9AM-3PM)

Lesson 3

Energy Storage and Off-Grid Living 

February 22nd (9AM-3PM)

Bundle Lessons 1 + 2 + 3

Solar PV Design & Installation 

February 20, 21, 22 (9AM-3PM)

NABCEP Associates Exam: Additional certification 

each INDIVIDUAL Lesson - Solar pv Design and installation training 

Regular Price $399.95 each
$199.95 + tax *Early-Bird Pricing*

3 lesson BUndle - SOLAR PV DESIGN & INSTALLATION training

Regular Price $999.95 
$499.95 + tax *Early-Bird Pricing*

Stardust Solar's PV Virtual Training Program is a layered curriculum that covers theory, design and installation. Each training experience includes the following:

  • PDF Installation Manuals
  • Unlimited Access To Online Installation Videos
  • Solar Installer Certificate
  • Access To Our Certified Installer Network

Lesson 1: Solar PV Technology & Site Assessments

  • Electrical Basics
  • Photovoltaic Effect
  • Solar Module Composition
  • Earth’s Solar Resource
  • Solar Assessments 
  • Shading Analysis
  • Wind Loading

Lesson 2: Grid-Tie Solar PV System Design

  • String vs Micro Inverter
  • Roof Mount Installation
  • Ground Mount Installation
  • Rails and Racking
  • DC Wiring
  • Combiner Box 
  • Grid-Tied Exam

Lesson 3: Energy Storage and Off-Grid Living

  • Types of Batteries
  • Battery Maintenance
  • Battery Banks
  • Charge Controllers
  • Inverter Programming
  • Load Assessment
  • System Sizing
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Review
  • Off Grid Exam
  • Network

student REVIEWS

what Our Trainees have to say

"I recently took the five day solar panel installation course, it was full of all the information I had hoped for and more. Solar energy is a great way of not only reducing our environmental footprint, but also reducing home energy costs. Just figuring out how much energy your household uses is enough to make anyone want to reduce usage. If we were all to reduce wasteful energy usage, we would all win, and help our environment."

Louy Rabocz







Terms and Conditions

By registering and paying for a Stardust Solar Training Course, you agree that all materials provided to you are the proprietary right of Stardust Solar Technologies Inc and shall not be duplicated, reproduced and/or redistributed for any purpose. As well you understand that; Stardust Solar will not be responsible for any of your work performed in the field after completion of our training programs.

Refund Policy

If for any reason you register and cannot attend, you will be able to rollover your registration to another class of equal value in the future. Refunds for training courses will only be issued up to 7 days prior to training date. All refunds will be subject to a 15% fee for prepaid expenses.


Why Should You Consider Solar Training

job growth

We share leads with you from solar enthusiasts looking to do solar projects in your area.


You’ll be able to meet and work with like minded solar installers all across North America.

Profile Listing

You’ll be listed in our network and given a ranking depending on your solar installation experience.

solar job invites

Inclusion in our Certified Installer Network with notices about solar installation jobs in your area.

WHY starust solar

Why Choose Us

Our mission is support the highest standard of professionalism and competency in the solar electric (PV) industry through accredited training and certification programs.

Efficient Learning Time

In as little as two days, you could be on your way to starting your solar career and helping your customers save energy.

Award Winning

Stardust Solar is a proud registered provider of the NABCEP Associates Exam (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners).

Confirmed Quality

Our training is approved by CSA as prerequisite training for Canadian National Construction Electrician (NOC 7241) Solar Photovoltaic Exam.  


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