December 21

Stardust Solar teams up with RETTI to provide solar training to 100 students in Lagos, Nigeria


Stardust Solar teams up with RETTI to provide solar training to 100 students in Lagos, Nigeria

Renewable Energy Technology Training Institute (RETTI) and Stardust Solar Training: An Instructor’s Experience

The Renewable Energy Technology Training Institute (RETTI) provides tailored education within and across the value chain of renewable energy and energy efficiency and aims to raise entrepreneurs who will create solutions to energy problems across Nigeria. In 2021, RETTI hosted a 16 week fellowship called Africa Fellowship for Young Energy Leaders (AYFEL). Stardust Solar was approached by RETTI in the Summer of 2021 to participate in the Africa Fellowship for Young Energy Leaders courses. Specifically, RETTI asked Stardust Solar to provide the instructors and materials for the Solar Photovoltaic sections.

Stardust Solar was tasked with discussing the basics of photovoltaic technologies, design, and installation over four sessions. The total allotted time was only 8 hours, very compact for the breadth of content. As the instructor, this was a daunting task. I decided to break it down into the following sessions: First, basics of the photovoltaic technology; second, site and design considerations; third, grid-interactive systems; and finally, stand-alone and storage solutions. Students were provided with the slides and before or at the beginning of each session. Since the allotted time for these sessions was compact, the materials we somewhat high-level but still providing a solid base for those entering the solar PV industry. Each session consisted of a lecture, discussion, and quiz (to be done online, after the session).

In spite of my initial trepidation at providing what typically takes five days (and let’s be honest, could easily be two weeks) into eight hours, the overall experience from the instructor’s point of view was extremely positive. The level of engagement with the students, even though the sessions were virtual, was fantastic. Many in-person trainings do not have the same level of student engagement and enthusiasm. Nothing improves the training experience more than engaged students asking relevant (often difficult) questions. The students were excellent at advancing the discussion and therefore allowing the sessions to take on a much more fluid rhythm as opposed to simply being a one-sided lecture.

Stardust Solar will also be awarding the top 2 students from the sessions with full scholarship for access to our online training materials. This includes the ability to qualify to write exams for further certification such as the NABCEP PV Associate certification, the most recognized body in North American solar training.

Testimonial from Glory Oguegbu CEO & founder of RETTI “It was amazing working with the Startdust Solar Academy and team for the Solar PV Engineering module of the – Africa Fellowship for Young Energy Leaders. Our 50 plus students cant stop talking about how well detailed and enlightening the virtual training was. The instructor – Engr Evan Kraemer gave his absolute best and took time to ensure the fellows absolutely understand his lectures. He made it very engaging with images and on-screen illustrations which made our students follow his explanations very closely. He also answered the many questions that the students asked him mid lectures. He gave maximum attention to the student and that is a good sign of an exceptional instructor from an outstanding training institution. We look forward to working again with the Startdust team and highly recommend them if you’re looking to learn solar pv engineering or require trainers for your renewable energy knowledge projects.”

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