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Tesla Certified Installations Available from All Stardust Franchisees


Burnaby, B.C. March 20, 2023 – Stardust Solar is pleased to announce that it now approved to sell and install Tesla Powerwall energy storage systems. The company has fulfilled all of Tesla’s requirements for training and business processes and is now a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer. Tesla energy storage and home EV charging equipment is now available from all of Stardust’s Franchisees.


“This is great news for our customers.” says Mark Tadros, CEO of Stardust Solar. “They can now add the industries best energy storage equipment to their solar installations.” Stardust’s first shipment of Powerwalls which is expected to arrive early in April has already sold out for installation in locations across Canada.  Mr. Tadros continues; “We are thrilled about the fast and positive response that we have received from our customers, clearly the Powerwall is the right product for consumers that want a predictable and positive experience with energy storage and home EV charging equipment.”


Part of the process to become a Certified Tesla Powerwall installation partner is an extensive series of product training courses that cover all aspects of the systems from initial design to installation to commissioning. Ezra Auerbach Stardust’s Director of Business Development says; “I have worked with energy storage systems for decades and am really impressed by how well the entire product line is thought out. The hardware and software engineers at Tesla have gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure that they have the details just right. I am confident that our customers will find that owning and operating their Powerwall products is easy and rewarding.”


Stardust Solar operates an ever growing network of solar installers across North America. Each Franchisee receives industry leading training from Stardust which insures that they are properly qualified to sell and install PV systems that will meet, and in most cases, exceed, customer expectations for installation quality and system performance, For more information on Stardust Solar or how to purchase a PV system and Tesla Powerwall contact:

Daniel Larson


1 888 620 6733

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