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Solar PV Technical Sales Training

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June 22, 23 & June 29, 30


Stardust Solar's PV Technical Sales Training Program is a layered curriculum that covers theory, system design, and an experienced instructor to teach you. Each training experience includes the following:

  • Solar PV Technical Sales manual 
  • Unlimited access to our online training videos
  • Solar PV Technical Sales certificate 
  • Access to our Certified Installer network

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Successful completion fulfils 35 hours of the advanced training hours required to sit for the NABCEP PVTS exam.

Why you should consider the PVTS Training Course.

Photovoltaic (PV) systems generate electricity from sunlight, and they are used in a host of different applications. Their deployment is supported by policies and incentives because the use of PV systems has been demonstrated to be a useful tool in the effort to combat climate change. Solar electricity is demonstrably cleaner than other sources of electric generation that use fossil fuels.

The sale and installation of solar electric systems is on the rise and is one the fastest growing sectors in the economy. This training is aimed at salespeople that want to attain the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the PV industry. It blends technical knowledge with effective sales attributes. Students that complete the course are prepared to bring a solid understanding of the technical aspects of PV systems into the sales process.

Stardust Photovoltaic Technical Sales (PVTS) training covers the skills and knowledge required to sell PV system with confidence. The course covers everything from basic electricity to closing the sale.

See the list below for a detailed list of topics below.

Included with the training is:

  • PDF copy of our PVTS curriculum
  • Unlimited Access to online training videos
  • PVTS course completion certificate
  • Listing in our qualified salesperson network
  • Questions answer by professional instructors who are subject matter experts 

Topics Covered include:

Basic Electric Concepts

We will ensure that you get an overview of electrical concepts and terminology.

  • An overview of electrical concepts
  • How circuits work
  • Energy calculations
  • Types of electricity


We ensure that you understand PV technology, equipment and solar resources.

  • Introduction to solar energy
  • Photovoltaics
  • Cell technology
  • Types of modules
  • Efficiency
  • Operational considerations
  • The solar resource
  • Types of solar radiation
  • Peak sun hours
  • Calculations
  • Resources
  • Solar access

Solar Energy System Applications

We will ensure that you understand the major PV system applications.

  • Grid interactive
  • Off grid
  • Hybrid systems
  • Energy storage systems and services

System Design Basics

We will ensure that you understand the basic elements of PV system design.

  • Energy targets Solar resource data
  • Site specific data
  • Design considerations for various type of systems

PV System Markets

We will ensure that you know the unique aspects of different PV system markets.

  • Market types and unique attributes
  • Resources for market incentives

Qualifying the Customer

We will ensure that you know how determine customer interest and expectations.

  • Determining serious interest
  • Establishing a relationship
  • Understanding the customer wants and needs
  • Creating budgetary estimates

Qualifying the Site

We will cover the skills and tools used for site assessment.

  • Understanding unique site attributes
  • Methods and tools for site evaluation
  • Assessment of site specifics

Preliminary System Pricing

We cover choosing components and determining their cost.

  • Component choices
  • Methods for determining cost.

Detailed System Design

We will cover attaining using site specific consumption and solar resource data. This section will also cover how to assess the economics of a potential system.

  • Site information
  • Electrical consumption
  • Electricity cost
  • Satellite solar resource data
  • Manual and automatic generation and module layout
  • Economics of the system
  • Savings
  • Payback
  • Detailed pricing of the system

Proposal and Sale

  • We will cover preparing and preparing a proposal, as well as how to address common customer concerns.
  • Preparing a proposal
  • Presenting a proposal
  • ESS and EV charger add ons
  • Addressing customer concerns

Detailed Economic

We will cover detailed economic calculations and how to present them.

  • Explanations and calculations
  • Payback
  • Cashflow analysis
  • Levelized cost of energy
  • Internal rate of return

Payment Methods

This section presents many of the ways that PV systems can be financed.

  • Government loans
  • Power purchase agreements
  • Property assessed clean energy

Energy storage system economics

We will cover how to calculate and preset the economic value of Energy Storage Systems.

  • Value streams
  • Energy security
  • Self-consumption
  • Time of use billing
  • Peak load reduction
  • Avoided cost and loss of revenue
  • Virtual power plants
  • Calculating the value of ESS
  • Non-economic values
  • Family security
  • Environmental contribution
  • Presenting the data
  • Calculation tools

Closing the Sale and After Sale Service

We will cover closing the sale and post-sale customer retention strategies.

  • Final site visit
  • Contract details
  • Installation support
  • Follow-up visits
  • Maintenance contracts