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Solar Hot Water Heating Training Course

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the curriculum

Covered Topics & areas of focus

Solar Energy Basics

We will provide an overview of the solar thermal (hot water) technology.

Heat Transfer in Hot Water Heaters

We ensure you get a good understanding of the energy transferred between a system and its surroundings 

Components of Solar Hot Water Systems

We will cover the different types of components and collectors used around the world.

Solar Hot Water System Installation

We will cover the methods available to ensure that the energy management system does not overload the systems they are connected to.

Commissioning Systems for Domestic Hot Water

We will cover what is involved for Solar Thermal (Hot Water) systems to be applied for domestic use.

Get Heated up and become an expert in Solar Hot Water Installation

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Why Should You Our Consider Solar Hot Water Installation Course?

Solar water heating systems (SWHSs) use solar energy to heat water, a 100% clean energy resource available for free. They could play a main role in Canada’s 2030 emissions reduction plan through Net Zero Building Code. A SWHS consist of a collector which converts solar energy to heat and transfers it to water, a storage tank to store hot water at night and cloudy days plus some other equipment. 

The aim of this training is to introduce solar hot water heaters through basics of solar energy, discussing components of a SWHS and their functions, thermosyphon and forced system, various configurations of a SWHS and practical aspects such as rooftop collector installation, specification of the type of storage tank, differential temperature controller, etc. Selection of collector and storage tank will be discussed the end.   

After taking this training, you are able to select an appropriate SWHS for a residential home through specifying the number of collectors needed, the volume of the storage tank, selection of appropriate pump and controller as well as general installation procedure. 

See the list below for a detailed list of topics below.

Topics Covered During Our Solar Hot Water Installation Course

  • Solar Hot Water Technology - How does it work and what is required?
  • Solar Angles
  • Basics of Heat Transfer in Water
  • Components of Solar Hot Water Systems 
  • Flat Plate Collectors
  • Evacuated Collectors
  • Tanks & Pumps
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Solar Hot Water Systems and Configuration
  • Active Direct Systems
  • Active Indirect Systems
  • Passive Direct or Indirect Systems
  • System Installation 
  • Commissioning for Domestic Water Heating

Each of the above topics is covered in detail using examples. There are also extra resources and worksheets to help reinforce what is learned. Finally, there is an exam that is required for certification.

meet our team

Our Solar Instructors

Evan Kraemer

Stardust Solar Instructor

Evan is a Environmental Scientist with a Masters degree from the University of Regina. He is part owner Stardust Solar Technologies Inc. and also our installation team leader.

Moe Rahnama

Stardust Solar Instructor

Moe is a professor at the University of Victoria and long time Solar Thermal (Hot Water) enthusiast. He has over 20 years teaching experience and is an expert in solar hot water system installation.

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"This is an excellent course. Very jam-packed with information but it was quite thorough and I learned so much! I really enjoyed Nancy as an instructor. Her experience, intelligence and great personality made this course a pleasure to be a part of. I would highly recommend Stardust for their training!

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