February 19

Solar has arrived in Vancouver


Solar has arrived in Vancouver

Solar has arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia!

Although many people think Vancouver is too cloudy for solar, it actually receives only 20% less solar radiance per year than the sunniest parts of Canada. This means if you get solar panels installed at your home, you’ll be banking energy on the cloudiest of days and saying goodbye to most or all of your expensive hydro bill.

Yeah, we said it!

Even if we can’t directly see the sun, it’s still in the background doing some incredible work,  creating energy that could be used to power your home or commercial business.

Daily Hive teamed up with Stardust Solar to show you just how rainy days in Vancouver can actually still benefit you (no joke) when it comes to solar panels.

Solar Installation can save you money every month:

Home solar installation systems can provide you with a Grid-Tie Net-metering program, which means that all the energy your panels produce, will go directly against your hydro bill. In the event you produce more energy then you consume the extra energy will get pushed back to the grid to your local hydro company which will actually send you a cheque for any additional energy you produce!

Generate clean and renewable energy with Solar:

In today’s world it’s more important than ever to start relying on green energy sources to ensure we create a sustainable way of life for our future generations. If you have a solar panel system, you’ll be reaping in the rewards of clean and pure energy coming straight from the sun. This helps reduce our collective dependence on fossil fuels and minimizes carbon footprints.

Stardust Solar – YOUTUBE VIDEO https://youtu.be/Cnp5i2BCc0k

Have an unlimited supply of renewable energy: 

Solar energy is a renewable resource so you can enjoy an unlimited supply for, well…a lifetime. Stardust Solar installed systems are also guaranteed for up too 30 years or more and they also offer convenient maintenance packages to ensure your solar array is always producing at maximum efficiency.

Professional or self-installation projects:

That’s right, you can install a solar panel system yourself if you want too. Stardust Solar offers solar panel installation training for anyone who wants to learn how to install a system, or for those who want to pursue a career in the solar installation industry.

Affordable Solar Installation systems:

It used to be the case that solar panels were really expensive and often inaccessible to the average person. But that’s all changed. Solar Panel systems are now more affordable and in as little as ten years you can get your investment back. That’s a small price to pay when you consider getting 100% free energy for the rest of your days. Also many of the big banks are now offering financial assistance for those looking to install solar panels and support the clean energy revolution.

For more information on how you can get a satellite or on-site solar assessment for your home or business, visit Stardust Solar website or call anytime as they would be happy to help!



Stardust Environmental Pledge = 10 trees planted with every solar panel installed.

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