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Saskatchewan Solar PV Incentive Programs


Saskatchewan Solar PV Incentive Programs

Saskatchewan Solar PV Incentive Programs

Saskatchewan Solar Financial Incentives:

  • Solar or Wind-powered Water Pump Grant for Farms
    Solar or wind-powered water pumps can offer an economical, safe, reliable and environmentally friendly alternative to bringing power lines to remote wells, dug-outs or streams. SaskPower offers a grant of 50 per cent of costs above $500, to a maximum of $500, toward the purchase and installation of a complete solar or wind-powered water pumping system for farm livestock watering facilities.
  • Small Power Producers Program
    The Small Power Producers Program accommodates individual customers who wish to generate up to 100 kilowatts (kW) of electricity for the purpose of offsetting power that would otherwise be purchased from SaskPower or for selling all of the power generated to SaskPower. To learn the price that we will pay for electricity, please visit the program website. Purchase rates do not differ between eligible generation technologies. All contracts will be honoured in accordance with the pricing regime in the signed contract, even if the program is discontinued. Electricity banking services are not provided under this policy (see our Net Metering Program if you’d like to bank electricity).
  • Net Metering Rebate
    As part of our Net Metering Program, we’re offering a one-time rebate, equivalent to 20 per cent of eligible costs to a maximum payment of $20,000, for an approved and grid interconnected net metering project. The Net Metering Rebate is available to SaskPower, Saskatoon Light & Power and City of Swift Current electricity customers until November 30, 2018.

Regulatory Policies

  • Net Metering Program
    The Saskatchewan Solar Net Metering Program offers residents the opportunity to generate their own power through the use of renewable energy technology. Residents, farms and businesses with approved environmentally preferred technologies of up to 100 kilowatts (kW) of nominal (nameplate) generating capacity can deliver their excess electricity to the electrical grid. Electricity sent to the grid is banked and applied to your current month’s electricity consumption. Any excess electricity is carried over to the following month and applied against that month’s consumption. A credit appears on your monthly bill showing the net amount of electricity that has been banked. Your excess power should be used within the year; if not, at the end of 12 months on your net metering anniversary date, any credits you may have for excess electricity sent to the grid will reset to zero.


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