Recent solar installation completed in Surrey, BC. This ground mount array consists of 24 Canadian Solar modules and will produce over 6000 kWh of solar energy per year.
This roof mount installation was for an environmentally conscious homeowner in Vancouver, BC. We not only installed 11 premium 320W Hanwha solar modules but also a Tesla charger in his garage. We also had to upgrade his panel service from 60AMP to 200AMP and rewired his entire house! This grid-tied system used 6 dual APsystems 600W Y inverters and generated over 3.6kW AC output.
Another off-grid installation. This particular system is designed to be portable and can power any AC or DC devices you like. The systems consists of 12 volt AGM batteries and during peak sun hours the panels will supply the system with 200 watts per hour.
The system is an grid-tied installation as the overall energy demands of the house were very high. The solar panels for this system (305W Hanwha Q cell) are mounted on the south & west facing rooftops. We also used the 600W Y dual APSystems micro inverters for this installation.