July 4

LG NeON™ 2


LG NeON™ 2

Technical Data

TypeMonocrystalline / N-type
Output320 W /315 W /310 W /305 W
Junction BoxIP67 with 3 Bypass Diodes
Dimensions (H x L x D; ± 1mm)1640 x 1000 x 40 mm
Weight17.0 ± 0.5 kg / 37.48 ± 1.1 lbs
FrameAnodized Aluminum


  • LG’s new module, NeON™ 2, adopts Cello technology.
  • Cello technology replaces 3 busbars with 12 thin wires to enhance power output and reliability.
  • NeON™ 2 demonstrates LG’s efforts to increase customer’s values beyond efficiency. It features enhanced warranty, durability, performance under real environment, and aesthetic design suitable for roofs.

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