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Covered Topics & areas of focus

EV Equipment Basics

We will provide an overview of the standard electric vehicle supply equipment technology.

EV Types

We ensure you get a good understanding of the many different types of EVSE options.

EVSE Plugs

We will cover the different types of plugs and connectors used around the world.

EV Energy Management Systems

We will cover the collection of methods available to ensure that the energy management system does not overload the systems and circuits they are connected to.

Load Management Monitoring

We will cover what is involved for EVSE (Local) Monitoring, External Monitoring, and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Technology.

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Why Should You Our Consider EVSE Installation Course?

The electrification of the transport sector has begun in earnest and is expected to occur rapidly over the next decade. Many of the barriers to EV adoption that existed in the past have been solved. Range per charge is now similar to conventional ICE vehicles and the price of EVs is decreasing. This coupled with relatively cheap fuel (electricity) and lower maintenance costs, the lifetime cost of EVs will soon be lower then for ICE vehicles. This is leading to a major demand for increased charging capacity and certified installers to meet that demand.

Our EVSE installation course aims to give the basic knowledge about Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment from the types of plugs and charging equipment that are becoming the standard options in North America. We will also consider proprietary options, such as Tesla, and how they differ from the standard options. Once familiar with the EVSE options, the management systems and different configurations available can be considered. There is a wide variety of EVSE configurations that are common throughout North America and more are being developed.

Throughout the course our goal is to focus on the products that installers will encounter in the EVSE industry and what is required of the installer in the electrical code. Our streamlined approach will ensure you have the knowledge that is required, along with the references for more information if required, without requiring extra course hours. Every step, from design to commissioning the system is guided by the Canadian Electrical Code and will be discussed in the course materials. This includes detailed examples for the various types of buildings (which have different requirements) and the different EVSE and Energy Management Systems. See the list below for a detailed list of topics below.

Topics Covered During Our EVSE Installation Course

  • EVSE Technology - How does it work and what is required?
  • EVSE Types/Levels
  • EVSE Plugs
  • Electric Vehicle Energy Management Systems - Types and Functions (including Communications)
  • Electric Vehicle Energy Management Systems - Layouts
  • Service Loading - Single Dwellings (New constructions)
  • Service Loading - Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (New Constructions)
  • Service Loading - Existing Services
  • Service Loading - With EVEMS (With and Without Monitoring)
  • Wiring Methods - Demand Loads
  • Wiring Methods - Overcurrent Protection
  • Wiring Methods - Derating
  • Wiring Methods - EVSE Receptacles
  • Wiring Methods - Disconnecting Means

Each of the above topics is covered in detail using examples. There are also extra resources and worksheets to help reinforce what is learned. Finally, there is an exam that is required for certification.

meet our team

Our Solar Instructors

Evan Kraemer

Stardust Solar Instructor

Evan is a Environmental Scientist with a Masters degree from the University of Regina. He is part owner Stardust Solar Technologies Inc. and also our installation team leader.

Nancy Rohaly

Stardust Solar Instructor

Nancy is a Red Seal Electrician with a Masters degree in Education from Simon Fraser University. She is an expert in the electrical trade and is always ready to get the job done!

Eamonn McHugh

Stardust Solar Instructor

Eamonn is an FSR-B electrician and professional solar PV installer. He has travelled the world and executed hundreds of solar panel installations with expert precision.

Moe Rahnama

Stardust Solar Instructor

Moe is a professor at the University of Victoria and long time Solar Thermal (Hot Water) enthusiast. He has over 20 years teaching experience and is an expert in solar hot water system installation.

Rémy Pratt

Stardust Solar Instructor

Rémy est un instructeur avec plus de 20 ans expérience en énergie renouvelable. Un natif de France qui est expert en énergie photovoltaic et énergie éolienne.

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"This is an excellent course. Very jam-packed with information but it was quite thorough and I learned so much! I really enjoyed Nancy as an instructor. Her experience, intelligence and great personality made this course a pleasure to be a part of. I would highly recommend Stardust for their training!

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