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Do solar panels actually work better in cold temperatures?


Do solar panels actually work better in cold temperatures?

Does solar energy work better in colder temperatures? 

And with winter, comes cold days and optimal temperatures for producing solar energy. Yes, that’s right we said optimal. Most people don’t realize that solar panels produce more power in cold weather than in hot. This is because the system components have a negative temperature coefficient, which means they experience less resistance and yield more power in cold temperatures.

As a result, cold and sunny days in Canada are actually among the best in North America for producing energy from solar panels. Now this doesn’t mean that snow and ice are good array installation conditions, quite to the contrary actually, but it does mean that you can get a great energy yield on those cold sunny days.

Yes, it’s true bitter cold winters in Calgary are actually great conditions to take advantage of solar energy.

Alberta Solar Installation Incentives:

Alberta has some of the best provincial incentives to install solar in all of Canada. The Residential and Commercial Solar Program is designed to make solar power affordable for more Albertans, leading to new panels on 10,000 Alberta rooftops by 2020. The incentive is in the form of a rebate ($0.75 per watt, capped at $10,000 for residential systems and $500,000 for commercial systems) with a total budget of $36 million.

Solar Installation Training in Canada and North America:

Stardust Solar offers certified training for anyone who wants to learn how to install systems themselves, or for those who want to pursue a career in solar installation. They’re hosting a 2-day, 3-day and 5-day solar installation training classes (https://stardustsolar.com/solar-training) in North America including Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Kelowna, Toronto, Seattle, California and many others. Stardust Solar also hosts private solar classes with enough inquires and or need.

Stardust Solar YOUTUBE VIDEO – https://youtu.be/Cnp5i2BCc0k

Renewable Energy Resource:

Solar energy is a renewable resource so you can enjoy an unlimited supply for, well…a lifetime. Stardust Solar installed systems are also guaranteed for up too 30 years or more and they also offer convenient maintenance packages to ensure your solar array is always producing at maximum efficiency.

Solar Installation – Affordable systems

It used to be the case that solar panels were really expensive and often inaccessible to the average person. But that’s all changed. Solar Panel systems are now more affordable and in as little as ten years you can get your investment back. That’s a small price to pay when you consider getting 100% free energy for the rest of your days. Also many of the big banks are now offering financial assistance for those looking to install solar panels and support the clean energy revolution.

And the best part? For a limited time only you can have one of their trained professionals come out to your home or business and provide you with a industry leading no obligation satellite solar assessment or an onsite solar home assessment.

Stardust Solar Technologies Inc. CEO, Mark Tadros, is a serial entrepreneur and passionate environmentalist with more than 10 years experience in environmental regulations – so you know you’ll be in good hands.

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