Why Solar Installer Is One of the Hottest Job Sectors in Canada It’s fair to say that the future of Canada is powered by solar energy. Canadians are more concerned about the environment, including greenhouse gas emissions and their lasting footprint on the earth. Add that to the fact that the cost of solar panel […]

When someone asks you if you’ll be working in the same career in 10 years time, what’s your response? Still unsure? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. This year didn’t exactly get off to a great start with employment dropping by 88,000 in January, according to a labour force survey by Statistics Canada. But despite this, there’s a career […]

Solar Installation in BC

It’s time for Canadians and British Columbians to step up their solar energy game.   As of December 2017, Canada produces 18.9% of total energy from renewable sources (Natural Resources Canada), with water being the largest producer, but wind and solar being the fastest growing. Natural Resources Canada believes there is incredible solar potential for […]

Solar B.C. Hydro Net Metering

The Benefits of Solar Net Metering in B.C.  While powering a home or business is a one-way equation for most, an increasing number of British Columbians are discovering that they can put their building to work for them by generating their own electricity. They’re turning their homes and businesses into power generators by installing solar […]

Solar News

Does solar energy work better in colder temperatures?  And with winter, comes cold days and optimal temperatures for producing solar energy. Yes, that’s right we said optimal. Most people don’t realize that solar panels produce more power in cold weather than in hot. This is because the system components have a negative temperature coefficient, which […]

Solar Panel Installation B.C.

Solar has arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia! Although many people think Vancouver is too cloudy for solar, it actually receives only 20% less solar radiance per year than the sunniest parts of Canada. This means if you get solar panels installed at your home, you’ll be banking energy on the cloudiest of days and saying goodbye to […]

We will train, install or help support any renewable energy project! We pride ourselves on supplying you with unlimited energy from the sun. Not only is solar a renewable free energy source, it’s also clean and environmentally responsible. Stardust Solar offers a wide range of services and products to get your future solar system fully operational […]