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Career News: Solar Installers Are In Demand


Career News: Solar Installers Are In Demand

Why Solar Installer Is One of the Hottest Job Sectors in Canada

It’s fair to say that the future of Canada is powered by solar energy. Canadians are more concerned about the environment, including greenhouse gas emissions and their lasting footprint on the earth. Add that to the fact that the cost of solar panel installations are decreasing, and you have the perfect recipe for a growing and in-demand job market.


Research shows more and more Canadians will convert to solar energy

According to a study conducted by GTM Research in 2017, the historical and forecasted pricing will reach an all-time low by 2022.


Source: GTM Research


Also in 2017, Environics Research released a public opinion report on Canada’s natural resources issues. Not surprisingly, 74% of Canadians strongly support the development of solar energy, while 82% said they think future demand for solar will increase. Lastly, Canadian homeowners surveyed by Environics confirmed that 72% of them were very or somewhat interested in buying green energy for their homes in the future.


Source: Public Opinion Research on Natural Resources Issues, 2017, Environics Research


What does this mean for the solar industry in Canada and abroad? Quite simply and as with all “new” technology, as the prices continue to drop, adoption will grow. This means more Canadians will want to use solar power to run their homes, and Canadian businesses will follow suit if not lead the way.


And what does this mean for solar installers? The future is bright and powered by the sun.


Why consider becoming a solar panel installer?


Aside from the astounding fact that the cost of solar energy continues to decrease year after year all over the world, more and more Canadians are an adopting energy efficient mentality when it comes to running their homes.


As the prices to install continues to drop, the salary of a solar panel installer ranges from $35,700 to well over $65,000 per year.


Source: Solar Installer Salaries in Canada, Indeed.com


Clean Energy Canada released a report in May this year stating that over the next 12 years (through 2030), they estimate an average of 118,000 annual jobs will be created thanks to the growth of the efficient energy industry in Canada. Solar energy is a big part of that.


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