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Solar Installation Assessments can be done by satellite or by a professional visiting your installation site. (Fill form above to receive solar assessment) We’ll take some key solar measurements of your location/building/area and include your critical goals in our assessment. After this, we can provide you with an installation proposal including; clean energy data projections, estimated costs, expected return on investment, product warranties and installation project timelines. A solar assessment will give you all the information you need to make a well informed decision about whether a solar energy system is right for you. Solar installation assessments can be completed by satellite but we highly recommend onsite assessments for the most detailed reports.

We can install your solar array directly to your home (rooftop most likely) or we can provide you with a stand-alone ground mount design if preferred. Our system design team and certified installer network professionals are all trained in solar technology with many years of combined experience installing solar energy solutions of all sizes! Recent Solar Installations 

Our Environmental Pledge = 10 trees planted with every solar panel installed.

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Solar Net Metering Benefits - Grid-Tie Installation

Solar Net Metering is a type of grid-tied solar installation that is connected directly to the homeowner’s electrical panel. When the homeowner’s solar panels produce electricity, it can be used directly. But in the case where more electricity is being produced than it is being consumed simultaneously, the extra electricity will be sent back to the grid, earning the homeowner credits in exchange. The Net Metering system is easy and inexpensive. You get real value for the energy produced, without having to install a second meter or a battery storage system. It allows homeowners and businesses to produce energy, which takes some of the pressure off the grid, especially during periods of peak consumption.


It encourages consumers to play an active role in alternative energy production, which both protects the environment and helps preserve natural energy resources. Homes that use net metering tend to be more aware of, and therefore more conscientious about their energy consumption. With rising electricity costs, Net Metering is becoming an attractive option for more homeowners. This is because the more the price of electricity increases, the more they can benefit from having a Net Metering system. Plus there is the added convenience of being connected to the grid. If the produced power doesn’t meet demand, extra electricity can always be drawn from the grid.

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