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We pride ourselves on supplying you with unlimited energy from the sun. Not only is solar energy a renewable resource, it’s also environmentally friendly. Stardust Solar does the installation of solar photovoltaic systems for your home, business, and cottage. We also regularly hold certified training sessions across North America to help educate the public about renewable energies. Our courses have been approved by CSA as prerequisite training to take the Canadian national Construction Electrician (NOC 7241) Solar Photovoltaic exam. As well we are a proud registered provider of the NABCEP Associates Exam.

Our environmental multiplier pledges that; for every solar panel we install we will plant 10 trees in a country affected by deforestation and for every solar student certified we’ll plant 25 tress.

Our Services:

Stardust Solar is an officially bonded and licensed electrical contractor and authorized to do solar PV installation work in BC. Our staff includes FSR and Red Seal electricians and we are licensed to pull our own electrical permits in the provinces of BC and Alberta. We take installation work extremely seriously and always ensure the safety of our staff and the satisfaction of our customers. A detailed assessment for your home, cottage, or business will provide you with a full report before making any decisions about whether renewable energy systems are for you. Using our expertise in solar array installation we’ll ensure that your array is professionally installed and fully compliant with building and electrical code requirements. 

Our staff is always professional and happy to help you achieve your renewable energy goals.


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Trees Planted

Solar Panel Installed
10 Trees Planted


Student Certified
25 Trees Planted

Our Team

Mark Tadros

Chief Executive Officer

Evan Kraemer

Environmental Scientist

Nancy Rohaly

Red Seal Electrician

Eamonn McHugh

FSR-B Electrician

Rémy Prat

Solar PV & Wind

Moe Rahnama

Solar Thermal

Torin O’Regan-Latarius

Solar PV Installer

Summer Reese

Accounting Manager

Mike Klassen


Tamara Brooks

Web Development

Nick Oostveen

Software Development


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