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We pride ourselves on supplying you with unlimited energy from the sun. Not only is solar energy a renewable resource, it’s also environmentally friendly. 

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creating a strong link between you and renewable energy

We pride ourselves on supplying you with unlimited energy from the sun. Not only is solar energy a renewable resource, it’s also environmentally friendly. Stardust Solar does the installation of solar photovoltaic systems for your home, business, and cottage. We also regularly hold certified training sessions across North America to help educate the public about renewable energies. Our courses have been approved by CSA as prerequisite training to take the Canadian national Construction Electrician (NOC 7241) Solar Photovoltaic exam. As well we are a proud registered provider of the NABCEP Associates Exam. 

Our environmental multiplier pledges that; for every solar panel we install we will plant 10 trees in a country affected by deforestation and for every solar student certified we’ll plant 25 tress.

Stardust Solar is proud to be the 1st dealer of SunPower in Canada!

SunPowers technology is exciting because its enhanced solar panels are designed to produce the most efficient solar power at a fraction of the cost of other panels. Additionally, the design is sleeker and less noticeable than other panels.

every solar panel INSTALLATION YIELDS

10 trees planted

every student certified YIELDS

25 trees planted

total TREES planted to date



Why Choose Us

Stardust Solar is an officially bonded and licensed electrical contractor and authorized to do solar PV installation work in BC. Our staff includes FSR and Red Seal electricians and we are licensed to pull our own electrical permits in the provinces of BC and Alberta. We take installation work extremely seriously and always ensure the safety of our staff and the satisfaction of our customers. A detailed assessment for your home, cottage, or business will provide you with a full report before making any decisions about whether renewable energy systems are for you. Using our expertise in solar array installation we’ll ensure that your array is professionally installed and fully compliant with building and electrical code requirements.

Licensed & bonded

officially bonded and licensed electrical contractor authorized to do solar PV installation work in BC

Confirmed Quality

 Assurance of professionally installed and fully compliant installations with building and electrical code requirements

Award Winning

Accredited with CSA and members of The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners® (NABCEP®)

Our staff is always professional and happy to help you achieve your renewable energy goals.


The People Who Bring You The Future

Stardust Solar is an officially bonded and licensed electrical contractor and authorized to do solar PV installation work in BC. Our staff includes FSR and Red Seal electricians and we are licensed to pull our own electrical permits in the provinces of BC and Alberta.

Mark Tadros

Mark Tadros

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

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Founder, entrepreneur and renewable energy enthusiast, Mark continues to lead Stardust Solar and establish it as a world class leader in delivering efficient solar power to new and established communities both nationally and abroad.

Mark Tadros studied Political Science at University of Concordia and earned a DEC in Economics from John Abbott College. At 31 years old he founded Pro Draft League and became a pioneer in the world of fantasy sports, creating a virtual stock market of professional athletes. By 2015 he had scaled that company to be a globally recognized brand which was acquired by Victory Square. Eager to return to the entrepreneurial endeavour he launched iHazmat Regulatory in 2016; a dangerous goods transport education company with over 200+ corporate clients worldwide. Mark sold iHazmat to ICC Compliance Center in June 2021, for the purpose of allowing him to focus all his attention on Stardust Solar. .

In 2017 he founded Stardust Solar Technologies Inc. a solar energy franchise business. Stardust Solar now has a network of over 2500+ trained/certified individuals and franchisees across North America. Mark learned about business by running his own, and now believes that anyone with the right vision and commitment can do the same. Through franchising, he plans to give hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to live their dreams of business ownership in the renewable energy sector.

Eamonn McHugh


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Eamonn began practice in the electrical industry in 2009. He was certified as a Red Seal Electrician with the Ontario College of Trades in 2015, a PLC Programming Technician with George Brown College later in 2015, an Instrumentation & Controls Technician with the Ontario College of Trades in 2016, a Master Electrician with Technical Safety British Columbia in 2017, a Solar Photovoltaic Systems Electrician with Canadian Standards Association in 2018, and a Photovoltaic Associate with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners in 2019.

Eamonn joined Mark Tadros and Evan Kraemer at Stardust Solar Technologies with an in-depth understanding of the renewable energy industry in 2019. As Chief Operating Officer, Eamonn is responsible for developing and driving operations across all departments, ensuring company objectives are achieved effectively, and maintaining continual customer and stakeholder satisfaction.


Vitaly Melnikov

Vitaly Melnikov


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Seasoned corporate finance executive, CPA and MBA offering over 20 years of Canadian and international financial leadership experience building, leading, and advising corporations through complex finance restructurings, international expansion, and capital markets transactions. Highly skilled in collaborating with all members of the organization to achieve business and financial objectives. Accomplished in structuring and negotiating transactions and favorable terms with private and institutional investors. Excellent financial leader with a track record of contributions streamlining financial processes, enhancing productivity levels and internal controls.

Young Bann

Young Bann

Board Member

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Mr. Bann is CEO of Purpose ESG Holdings in Vancouver. Mr. Bann has 30 years of management and business development experience. In the first 15 years, Mr. Bann developed a career in global management consulting firms, such as Booz.Allen & Hamilton, Accenture, and IBM. Mr. Bann was appointed as a lead consultant for Samsung Electronics Mobile Phone Business Division to contribute it to become global #1 brand in competitive global markets. During the second 15 years, Mr. Bann furthered his career as a business leader for both global and Korean conglomerates. He served as a corporate executive in General Electric, and CEO of Hyundai Materials, an affiliated company of Hyundai Motor Group. He worked for General Electric Power Business Division to win back #1 market share for its Gas Turbine fleets in North Asia by winning $265M of orders from global clients during severe market downturn. Mr. Bann received a MBA from the University of Chicago.

Ohad David

Ohad David

Board Member

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Mr. Ohad David is a businessperson with a successful history in fostering business relationships across various industries. Mr. David has an extensive experience in international trading, especially in importing and exporting precious commodities. Mr. David is the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Starmet Ventures Inc. (CSE:STAR). Starmet is an exploration company focuses on mineral resource properties in Canada and the US.

Evan Kraemer

chief technology officer

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An environmental scientist with a master degree from the University of Regina, Evan is responsible for leading Stardust Solar’s training and compliance team and ensures the installations adhere to best practises in design, functionality, ease of maintenance and environmental impact.

Evan studied Geography at the University of Regina completing his BA in 2010. He continued his studies at the University of Regina earning a Master's degree in Interdisciplinary through the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science along with Geography and Environmental Science through May 2015. His thesis on climate change affecting water resources and crop evapotranspiration provided the basis for his interest in Solar PV.

He then Joined Mark at Stardust Solar as Chief Technology Officer leading the development of their accredited solar training material. Evan's role includes continuing education of all employees and franchisees ensuring they all stay up-to-date with the ever-changing technologies used in Solar PV Systems. He also heads their solar PV system design team, creating plan sets used for installation projects across Canada.


Summer Reese


Dan Larssen


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With a proven track record of driving revenue growth and cultivating client relationships, I am passioante about delivering exceptional value and exceeding sales targets in the dynamic landscape of solar PV sales. I am dedicated to leveraging innovative statagies and industry expertise to propel our organization to new heights and success.

Eduardo Adami


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Eduardo Adami is a distinguished electrical engineer with an MBA, whose passion for renewable energy was ignited through early research in Brazil and further developed at the University of Toronto. His expertise in engineering, enhanced by strategic business insights from his completed MBA, has been instrumental in advancing operational efficiencies at Stardust Solar. Eduardo's blend of technical skill, business acumen, and dedication to sustainability positions him as a key asset for Stardust Solar.

Heitor Schiochet

Heitor Schiochet 


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Heitor is currently a Project Manager at Stardust Solar Technologies Inc. With expertise in Electrical Engineering and Power Systems, he has extensive experience in system engineering and renewable energy across North and South America. At Stardust Solar, he manages diverse Solar PV projects, overseeing everything from customer relations to logistics. Academically, he has a Master's in Clean Energy Engineering at UBC and hold a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

Soroush Chehrehgosha

Soroush Chehrehgosha


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With an extensive background in the energy sector, I hold an MSc in Energy Management and bring a wealth of experience to my role as Project Manager and System Designer at Stardust Solar, a leading solar energy company. My commitment to sustainability drives my passion for renewable energy solutions, and I am dedicated to spearheading projects that contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Otavio Schiochet

Otavio Schiochet

Project Manager and Electrical Engineer

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As a seasoned mechanical engineer with a passion for sustainable energy solutions, I specialize in solar panel design and projects. My commitment to innovation and green technologies drives our mission to create efficient and environmentally friendly solar solutions.

Ezra Auerbach

Strategic Initiative Consultant

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Ezra’s interest in renewable energy began when he moved off grid in the early 1970’s and was motivated to move beyond kerosene and candles. In the 1980’s he turned his interest into a career when he and wife started a mail order solar business. Since then, he’s held a variety of roles and has sat on many Boards within the industry. At present he focuses his efforts on training and curriculum development. A crowning achievement for Ezra was his involvement in NABCEP as one of the original founders.

Mario Borsato


Rémy Prat

Solarie PV Quebec

Christopher LaForge


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"The solar installation course they provide was incredibly useful. The instructor was very knowledgeable, patient, and an all around good guy. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to have a deep understanding of how photovoltaic systems work."

Samuel Hagglund

"An incredibly thorough class yet still reasonable for someone with no background in electrical to follow. Very useful if you are looking to learn how to design an off-grid system for personal use."

Nicole Dobovicnik

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