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Solar Energy Installation Assessment

Solar Installation Assesment

Solar Energy Assessment

Entry Solar Assessment:  

Our entry satellite solar assessment will provide you will all the costs and benefits associated with installing a solar array. You’ll get a detailed 10 page document filled with key solar energy metrics pertaining to you specific location design from one of our leading solar design experts. You will also receive a follow up call from one of our project managers to find out your project goals and answer any of your questions.

Cost = $99.95 


Onsite Solar Installation Assessment:

Our onsite solar installation assessment includes a visit from our expert team to fully assess your solar installation project and goals. The onsite visit will allow our team to verify roof and system measurements, complete a roof top shading analysis and verify your current energy consumption needs and goals. Your detailed report will include AC/DC output, estimated solar energy output in kilowatts, product and performance warranties, system monthly/yearly projections and how much money you can expect to save throughout the year with your new solar energy system.

Cost = $299.95 / Currently $199.95  *until March 15th*


Onsite Solar Assessment + Full Energy Use Improvement Audit:

Solar home with full energy use assessments allow our team to gather all the data required to design an Grid-Tie or Off-Grid system while also calculating your best current and future energy needs. We will start with an onsite solar assessment to get the job perimeters recorded and documented exactly. Then we’ll need to determine the average daily energy consumption of the home/location with all the small and large energy uses and needs, which will allow us to size your future solar and renewable energy system appropriately.

Cost = $499.95 / Currently $349.99  *until March 15th*


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All assessment costs are reimbursed after completing a Stardust Solar installation. Photovoltaic system performance estimates calculated by Stardust Solar Technologies Inc. may include inherent assumptions and uncertainties and do not portray variations between PV technologies nor site characteristics. Complex utility rates and financing can significantly impact the energy value. Site visit is required for detailed assessment.