Recent solar installation completed in Surrey, BC. This ground mount array consists of 24 Canadian Solar modules and will produce over 6000 kWh of solar energy per year.
This installation was designed to provide energy for an automatic lighting system and various monitoring devices inside a barn. This involved calculating the energy usage of each device and light. Once the energy usage was determined, we designed the system size (and cost) accordingly.This system ended up consisting of a fairly large array mounted on racks on the barn’s roof.The whole process from assessment to installation and completion took less than 1 week and the system is living up to expectations thus far producing slightly more energy than is required, saving a small amount extra in most months.
Another off-grid installation. This particular system is designed to power a sensor/pump for an semi-automated irrigation system. This allowed the owner to remotely water their plants during the summer months.The systems consists of several 12 volt batteries wired into a 24 volt system. During peak sun hours the panels will supply the system with 500 watts per hour which is plenty for the usual needs. During winter, the system still used but serves as a power source for lighting and occasionally electrical tools.
This particular system was created to provide power for a small detached studio which the owner wanted to be able to relocate if needed.The system is an off-grid installation as the overall energy demands of the studio are relatively low as there are no major appliances (refrigerator, stoves, air conditioners, etc.) which are constantly drawing energy from the system. This was also an ideal situation to remain off-grid as the studio was generally used during the day when the batteries are being charged and the panels are closest to their maximum efficiency.The solar panels for this system are mounted along the south facing wall of the studio as well as the roof. This was chosen in order to supply the studio with enough energy, even during less sunny months. Thus far, this system has been a success and is satisfying the needs of the user.