07 Sep 2017

Atlas Racking

Atlas racking is a premium solution for any flat roof solar installation. It’s designed, engineered & manufactured in Canada.

This racking is simple and elegant, including a versatile design for a variety of array configurations and can be met with ease, simply by linking, or unlinking sections.




Constructed of high strength, anti-corrosion G90 galvanized steel, anodized aluminum, with stainless steel fasteners.


The interconnecting design of the racking allows for many different array configurations and future expandability.


Non-penetrating design protects the roof surface and underlying building, while providing distributed weight loading.


The unique linking design of the racking and the use of the Clicklock module fastening system allows for rapid installation.


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What are Solar Module Racking Systems? 

Mounting solar modules on the roof of a residential or commercial property or on the ground requires the use of racking systems. They “fix” the solar panels on the desired surface. Some racking systems known as building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) can enable solar panels to be directly retrofitted as part of the structure of the home or building.

Rooftop only racking systems enable the solar panels to be mounted with a few inches’ gap and parallel to the surface of the roof. Ground only racking systems consist of solar modules held in place by racks or frames that are attached to ground based mounting supports.




Atlas Durablok

  • Recycled rubber blocks keep racking elevated from roof surface.
  • Designed specifically for commercial roof applications.
  • Provides thermal barrier between racking and roof surface.
  • Integrates seamlessly into Atlas Racking design profile.




Atlas Slope Rail

  • Both portrait and landscape module orientations available.
  • Integrated cable management supports all configurations.
  • Available tilt ranges from 5-25 degrees.
  • Click-lock module fastening system for rapid installations.




Atlas Tray

  • Optional ballast tray for additional system weighting.
  • Simple drop in design provides controlled weight distribution.
  • Sized to accommodate various blocks and pads.




Atlas Inverter Rail

  • Connective design provides maximum strength throughout.
  • Assembles in half the time of conventional systems.
  • Precision fabricated parts eliminates measuring or aligning.




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